Our Purpose

The Boston Musicians’ Association (BMA) is a labor union representing over 1,600 professional musicians in the Boston metro area, Cape Cod and Maine. We work to ensure that musicians have fair wages and economic security through collective bargaining agreements, wage scales, guaranteed contracts, instrument insurance and a pension fund.

Our members play Classical music, Jazz, Latin, Rock to the highest professional standards. We play in the region’s professional orchestras, theater pits, religious institutions, night clubs as well as at weddings, parties, conventions and ceremonies.

Membership is open to all. We publish job openings for orchestral players. We connect musicians to local audiences through concert calendars, private teacher listings, publicity tools and a referral service. We strive to improve our musical community by publishing articles and local news, offering networking tools and member-driven arts advocacy connections. We promote the interests of all musicians through lobbying of local and national lawmakers. We strive to improve the professional music community by organizing orchestras under the National Labor Relations Act so that the musicians have the ability to negotiate terms and conditions with the orchestras in which they perform. With much help from its members, the BMA is making the world a better place for all musicians.

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