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Now in itäó»s tenth year, Stardust remains one of the most sought-after musical acts anywhere. Performing throughout the country and known as Boston’s “Super Band”, Stardust is comprised of only top studio and entertainment professionals. With an unprecedented five lead vocalists and a vast repertoire, Stardust’s stylish mix of vocal harmonies, versatility, and dynamic performances have been captivating audiences for a decade.

Keith Kostick & Cecilia Colucci formed Stardust in 1995 after discussing the idea for several years. At that time we were freelancing in the studios and clubs around Boston, and also working with some of the “premier” bands in the area. Having been in the business for a long time, we knew that it could be so much better. We felt the market was in need of a “high end” alternative to what was available.

Why not put together a band that included only Boston’s top studio talent (who were all doing this sort of thing as freelancers anyway), pay them well, pay benefits, pension contributions, operate with the integrity and respect that is sometimes lacking in this business, and enjoy ourselves in the process? Create a “Super band” if you will… Combine this with the right leadership and experience – people have to notice the difference!

It seems we were right about the market – we had 30 dates on the books before we even formed the band – just by announcing the personnel! The rest is history – we have been booked ever since and our original philosophy stays the same.

Here are some of the differences that make us unique, and that we feel are important parts or our philosophy:

  • This band is comprised of only full-time professional players – no weekend warriors.
  • The band personnel do not and will not change from engagement to engagement.
  • All band personnel are members of the Boston Musicians Union.
  • We believe that the music should be of “recording quality” and that the quality of the party (energy, dancing, excitement) is directly related to the quality of the band. We will compromise neither.
  • We believe it’s about quality, it’s about music, and it’s about time.