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Joel Spinale

Work Phone: 5088177737


My name is Joel Spinale. I have always been aware that music is much more than just random noises being played and odd voices coming out of my speakers. Even before I could read music, I would often time äóěplay outäóť scenes or scenarios that danced around in my head on my auntäó»s piano, making quite an ugly cacophony of noise. Still, that noise fascinated me. In fourth grade (eight or nine years old), I decided I wanted to make real music. Many members of my family played a variety of instruments, and I wanted to become a part of that. I was torn between drums, guitar, and piano. My parents laid it out for me quite simply: drums were too loud, guitar too expensiveäó_and my aunt already had an upright piano sitting in her basement. So began my adventures on the piano.

Since that decision, I have branched out a lot in the music field. In high school I was convinced to join the New Bedford High Schooläó»s marching band, so I picked up mallet keyboards. That led to me joining every music program in school (with the exception of show choir). Being a huge fan of bands such as Phish and AC/DC, teaching myself (and eventually taking proper lessons for) guitar was inevitable. After a short hiatus from music in my junior year to complete my Eagle Scout project, I jumped right back on board with the music, and kicked myself into high gear. After graduating high school in 2010, I decided to join a drum corps., thus solidifying the decision that my career path would eventually be traveling/touring musician, or bust. This was also around the time I discovered Frank Zappa, my now absolute idol in terms of musician, band leader, composer, conductor, and spokesman for musiciansäó» rights for freedom of speech.

College flew by in three whirlwind years, after which I earned a B.A. in Music. In those three all-too-short years in Worcester, I had become an absolute spongeäó_though only averaging about three hours of sleep a night. I discovered a hunger for writing music, and was picking up even more instruments. I took lessons for and played upright and electric bass in jazz ensemble (it was around this time I discovered Les Claypool), and even took church organ lessons. I played at a local church for the better part of two years, until I graduated in 2013. Now living in the Boston area, and having a year of full-time retail under my belt, I hear the musical world calling me, beckoning me back into my passion, and the only career path and life calling for me.